How about the major cities in California with much slower, flatter growth than Portland (+11% since 2010) and Seattle (+19.1% since 2010)? Did you know Long Beach, CA actually lost population last year? Did you know that San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, LA, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Stockton, Chula Vista, Santa Ana, Riverside, and San Diego all are growing more slowly than Portland and Seattle? Some at 1/4 the rate of Seattle? Not one of California’s top 14 cities, whether bigger or smaller, is growing faster than Portland or anywhere near as fast as Seattle. Not one. Irvine, at a whopping 256,000 people, is the only one in the top 25 California cities that’s growing faster than Portland or Seattle..

But as you affix the labels to your envelopes, you can do so with a clear conscience.4. Is it unfair to move into better (open) seats at a sporting event or a concert?There’s no harm in seeing if you can move into a better viewing position. But before you do, make sure there’s no posted policy against it.

5)Secure and Sophisticated: Magento is known for being a robust platform with a high level of functionality and security. Magento security center is quite watchful and regularly pushes out security patches and notifies users when these are available. It does a good job of protecting all types of transaction information and private data..

Why the fck do I need to be watching HOW MUCH you put into the bowl EVERYTIME? I usually do complain when this happen but I don once and this the the BS I get? I just sick of fckn watching you A holes trying to short change me and the second i let my guard down once I don even GET A FCKING PROPER MEAL FOR $10. WTF IS THAT? STFU for defending that you piece of shit. People work too hard for money to have this shit happen and it is not remotely acceptable..

Despite the trouble and expense of keeping it stocked, Jefferson’s ice house was an incredible luxury. Most people resorted to canning, pickling and salting their food to preserve it. If they were intent on keeping food cold, they might rely on nearby rivers and springs, cold night air or snow packed cellars to keep things chilly.

Los Blancos this term. On the contrary, Cristiano Ronaldo’s star is on the fall as he has had an indifferent season compared to his lofty standards in La Liga with Los Blancos this term. Though, the Portuguese is currently the top goal scorer of the Champions League with 7 goals.

The Belkin Vue iPad Sleeve is made of durable lightweight neoprene and is well padded. An extra layer of quilted padding has been added to further protect the iPad’s touch screen from damage and is soft as not to scratch it. The Vue part of this sleeve is a zippered pocket on the front.