SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA new study in the British Medical Journal suggests the risk of developing heart disease is nearly two times higher for men who binge drink than for those who spread out their drinking over a week.The study of alcohol consumption involved 9,758 men in three cities in France and Belfast, Northern Ireland, who were free of heart disease when the research began in 1991. The study followed the men over an average of 10 years.For the purposes of the study, one drink was considered equal to about 10 to 12 grams of alcohol, or 125 ml of wine, or a half pint of beer. Binge drinking was defined as excessive consumption of more than 50 grams of alcohol, or four to five drinks, drunk over a short period of time for example, on one day during the weekend.The risk of developing heart problems such as heart attacks and angina was 1.97 times higher for binge drinkers than it was for regular drinkers.Do you regularly drink more than four to five drinks in a single day?survey software(This survey is not scientific.

Protein, healthy fats and fiber will help you stay full and satisfied longer than processed foods that contained refined sugar. And, you need carbohydrates for energy. Instead of a quick energy spike when you eat a cookie or bag of potato chips, which is followed by a crash an hour later, choose whole wheat bread and peanut butter, or a sliced apple with cheese..

The animals could also represent the Whites and the Black slaves. When the scene focused on the resting dog on the feet of the plantation owner, and then included a cat on the scene, it was a metaphor for placing the Africans in America. Again, it was the director’s point, which he made clear during the opening scene, that the cause of disunity in America was when Africans were imported to the land.

You should only follow people if you like their writing. Many are nice enough to follow back without even checking out your writing. But don’t be surprised if they unfollow if they don’t like your stuff.A short time later, you too will stop reading their work too because it just gets too overwhelming and besides, they aren’t coming to read your work now at all.Why aren’t they?Well, if you skipped reading them, that could be one reason.You will look back on this in a year or so and wonder what the heck you were thinking.Follow responsibly, remember to read and leave a comment, and write good stuff.bravewarriorposted 4 years agoin reply to thisIn all fairness to the new Hubbers, they now have to go thru Boot Camp.